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Rainbow in Education

R-Radiant Rainbow!!!
There are many schools offering English Medium Education in India and charging a great amount but whether their education system is worthful. whether the education provided to the students are making them better than the rest of the world or they are so much behind the other countries.

A-Academic Teacher-Student Ratio!!! 
Often schools admit the students in bulk to earn more fees. but do you understand that there is a standard students academics ratio given by the experts for the number of students and a teacher appointed to handle them? according to which student-teacher ratio at Pre-primary level is 30:1 and for the primary level is 35:1. Each and every student should get the proper attention of the teacher and this will get possible only and only when schools follow the quality ration between the teachers and students.

I-Idealistic Thinking!!! 
Have you ever think about this.
If not then start thinking, as a result of many of the schools are following the policy of learning instead of understanding which pushes them behind the rest of countries. Reviews of some professional and also a little talk with them over a cup of coffee help me in providing you suggestions for a better English medium education system in India.

N-Neoteric modern Rainbow Education!!! 
Schools generally follow the policy of creating the students learn some answers and ask them in the examination and because of this they are outstanding in learning things and respondent them but actually, they are lacking in asking the questions at the right time. Students should have the ability to understand, communicate the things.
They should have a friendly discussion with the conversation. schools are giving a quantity rather than quality below the existing scheme that should not prevail. Students should be desperate to learn new things and ask more and more question so they will think beyond their books and beyond the classroom.
Teachers can conduct an activity session a minimum of once in a weak and ask them some queries like what do you think who is bigger Sun or Earth, How many planets are there in our solar system, who has given electricity and how it is originated? Curiosity should be developed in them to learn and to assume.

B-Blissful Smart Classes!!! 
Many of the students have adopted the pattern of smart classes such which let the students think beyond what they have taught and helped them understand the underlying ideas that they missed or could not understand. Speaking walls develops an interest in them towards the study and build them fall in love with the school.
Smart classes contribute to changing the thoughts of students regarding the study, this helps them to enjoy it rather than taking it as a burden. Practical knowledge is much better than theoretical knowledge therefore if some pictures, videos are shown of such thing study can be more interesting.

O-Opulent Ethics and Morals!!! 
You must have seen many of the people that are well educated but they lack morals and ethics which is as important as getting the education. High education does not mean that we forget our morals and ethics. the basic aim of the education system ought to be to create us an honest human being rather than how to earn money. a bad angle is like a flat tire, if you don’t modification it will ne’er go anywhere. Till the fifth standard students are created responsible for the cleanliness of their class as well as their school so that they will be a good human being before a winning person.

W-Wondrous Familiar Environment!!! 
At an early age, it does not seems possible for a kid to spend 3-4 hours without their parents and especially without their mother. In this regard, some schools have taken an initiative to welcome parents with their children so that a well-known environment can be created in the school and the children can feel comfortable. Even at almost every level, students need someone to whom they can share their issues.
Obviously, a strict teacher cannot be part of sharing their issues. It is only possible when a teacher behaves more than as a friend. Early age is like an empty jar which can be filled with endless thoughts, knowledge, and behaviour contributed by their parents, friends, and relatives.
More than half of the day children spend in his school if we exclude the sleeping time and therefore a teacher plays a serious role in filling that vacant jar. With some little change in our Education System, we can create far better students than America and Europe.

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