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Attitude Is More Important Than Education 

About School

Rainbow International School ensures that no child is left behind in learning academics & life skills To achieve this goal.
We give the learning environment to the children with a focus on their mainstream. student learn but when they actively participate in the a lesson or that they feel valued when teachers encourage them to share their knowledge with their peers.
With the true spirit, we respect completely different skills of kids and accept them as they are, As educators, we accept diversity in our classrooms.
The team of Rainbow International School follow the progress of each child in every aspect of school learning. We identify children with different learning abilities & on this basis, we bring in the varied methodologies for overcoming the lapse of concept clarity followed by disinterest towards the subject. The child with a learning disability is evaluated and immediate remedial services are initials at the classroom with the help of counsellor & teacher who simplify/modify the content. we provide remedial intervention on one to one basis or in small group sessions.
In short, we make an attempt to develop each child’s ability to be a self-sufficient and productive member of the society, In this way we are achieving the goals of quality education.
There is a growing realization on the part of teachers, parents at the large that the primary function of the school is to prepare the children for their future life. To achieve the goal of quality education, we have to keep the children with special needs & their mainstreaming in focus. In this context,educators must give priority to the following suggestions.

In our school, we believe in accepting the student as they are,

1)We respect the different abilities of children.
2)We give these children the right to preserve their respective identities.
3)Our educators redefine their roles and accept diversity in the classrooms.
4)Parents should also love them for their individuality.

Message from the Director..

Every kid is born to be a star, a change agent, a contributor and a supporter of new concepts.Education creates the platform for the conclusion of this blueprint and excellence is an effectual ingredient increating that product.

We at RIS, work at the proper mix of academic & leadership training into our curriculum, which is melded with technology to make it fun for the students to make the teaching process faster and efficient for the teachers & convenient for the parents to keep an eye on their child. We believe providing top quality, outstanding and value-driven education in a confirmative, friendly, dynamic, reflective learning surroundings. Our staffs are committed to training every student to learn not by force & harshness, but direct the students to learn by what amuses their minds, so that they will be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius in them.   

At RIS, we recognize that learning does not only happen in the classroom. We are always staring at developing additional opportunities for our students to boost their learning through field visits, extracurricular activities, as well as sports, drama, music, horse riding, Rifle shooting, Dance activity, summer camp, yoga and competitive exams.

I would like to conclude by saying that we firmly believe that education may be a three-way partnership between students, parents and teachers. We are committed to fostering an excellent relationship with a parent to ensure, the very best support mechanism.

Rainbow International School director

Mr.Nitin Kalbhor

Message from the secretary ..

Rainbow International School secretory

Mr.Rajesh Kalbhor

“Education opens up the mind, enlarge it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways”.

Education is important for every individual. without education, no country can prosper and life with the challenges that lie ahead in the rapidly growing globalised economy. Education enables one to realize one’s talents and understand one’s responsibilities to propel one’s personal growth and to make one a worthy citizen.

Rainbow International is the centre of excellence and aims to dedicate itself fully to meet the vision of India by transforming students into highly talented individuals with commitment, unity and patriotism.

I wholeheartedly welcome everyone whoever seeks admission to RIS and wish best of luck to all those who are about to complete their schooling from this school.

What We Believe..

Rainbow International School mission vision


Rainbow International School’s mission is to provide a resource based education with global opportunities for academic growth and development. And we assure that all students are provided with the necessary life skills and competencies to function productively in a changing society while retaining Indian values and Philosophy.


“To make Rainbow International School” a learning community of motivated students with the staff engaged in realizing the children’s full human potential and importing world-class education to every student which fosters academic excellence.

Core Values

  • Nurture– We strive to provide the support and guidance that enables students to become the best they can be.
  • Respect– We actively promote the core citizen values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs.
  • Inspire– Outstanding teaching and learning to enthuse, motivate and arouse curiosity
  • Empower– Providing opportunities to put students in charge of their own destiny
  • Great Expectations– Cultivating optimism, ambition, aspiration and success.

About us

The team of Rainbow International School follow the progress of each child in every aspect of school learning.

Rainbow International School, Kadam Vakwasti, Lakshmi Ganesh Nagar, Pandavdand Road, Loni Kalbhor, Pune - 412201

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